Meet Fred Loveridge

Fred Loveridge Clazzmatic Boogie OrchestraFred Loveridge is our lead singer and guitar player for Clazzmatic Boogie Orchestra, Vocalist Lizzie de Vegt caught up with him to ask him a few questions.

1 – What was your first guitar playing gig?
Can’t remember the exact gig but it could have been at my intermediate school dance in the band,a combo of teachers and students. Around the same time I was involved in my uncles dance band with whom I played bass.
2 – Who grabbed your attention and inspired you to play blues on guitar?
Not really one person,but I do remember listening to early Rolling stones and, John Mayall records..Strangely enough, it was many years later I discovered Muddy Waters,John Lee Hooker,Buddy Guy and my all time fave Johhny Guitar Watson. So I kind of went backwards.
3 – You frequently perform with CBO on your trusty cream tele. How would you describe this guitar’s character in two or three wordsFred Loveridge Clazzmatic Boogie Orchestra
Sexy Plank
4 – What music/ album/ artist is on repeat on your stereo today?

I change the music on my system like I change my under ware ,at least once a day, always keen on a frequent change of artist, I get sick of too much of the same stuff.

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