Meet Clyde Dixon, Trumpet player for CBO

Meet Clyde Dixon, Trumpet Player for CBO – Clazzmatic Boogie Orchestra


Clyde has a very impressive resume and two sets of very impressive letters after his name. He has played Trumpet and Cornet with bands all around the world and travelled extensively.

I caught up with Clyde to ask him a few questions for our Meet the Band Post. (I’ve put his band profile at the end of this post for you to read – scroll down)

Clyde Dixon, Clazzmatic Boogie Orchestra

Clyde Dixon, Clazzmatic Boogie Orchestra

1 – You can make some pretty loud and high trumpet notes – have you ever measured how loud you can get on a decibel meter? (if yes – how loud?)
No I have never measured the decibel level , my wife Mel is keen to find out though, so she is going to borrow a meter from the hearing association so we will let you know.
2 – How did trumpet playing happen for you? Do you remember a particular point in your life when you felt this is what you wanted to pursue?
I begun playing (and still play ) in Brass bands as a cornet player . I had a cornet right from the age of 3 , it used to come into the sandpit, out on the bikes and everywhere. I began playing because I wanted to play in bands like my dad. Playing trumpet is an extension of playing cornet. In the early 1980s I played for a brass band in Auckland called Continental Airlines brass band and we dabbed in all sorts of music. My mentor Errol Mason was a legend in the NZ  Brass band world and  was also a very good trumpet player. I always loved Listening to Maynard Ferguson and wanted to play  at the extremities he did. Playing trumpet is very physical, on a 3- 4 hour pub gig trumpet players are often spent by the end of the evening competing against guitars that just turn knob to be louder, we have to blow louder –  simply the muscles get tired.
3 – Lets say it is a beautiful Wanganui Saturday morning – what would you typically be up to?
I am a New Zealand Cadet Force advisor so I am either running courses for them or hopefully at home in Wanganui watching my son’s sports or off to the markets with my wife Mel or dare I say it – doing the lawns .
4 – What is the best thing about playing with CBO?

Playing with experienced competent Muso’s, playing some great music and having a laugh.

Here is Clyde’s band bio for you

Clyde began his musical career in brass bands at the age of 8 as a cornet player, Clyde has had many successes as a soloist having won 15 provincial titles 13 New Zealand titles, as well as, Australasian and British titles. Clyde has also been chosen to represent New Zealand at the junior level in the National Youth band of New Zealand 8 times and the National band of New Zealand 8 times.  He was the guest soloist on an 8 week tour of the USA in 1995, and has won world titles on 2 occasions. Clyde has toured extensively through the United Kingdom, United States of America, Australasia, China, Korea, and the Pacific.

Clyde has performed at Gallipoli as bugler, on ANZAC day, the White House, The Royal Albert Hall, The Edinburgh International Tattoo. He has also performed at The Sydney Opera House, The US Naval Academy at Annapolis, Disneyland, Knotts Berry Farm and Universal Studios. Clyde has worked with or been in backing bands for Sir Howard Morrison, Temuera Morrison, Billy T James, Ray Wolf, Tommy Adderly, Midge Marsden, Rodger Fox Big Band, New Zealand Army Band, Tom Sharplen, Moscow Circus on Ice, Dame Melvina Major, Dame Kiri Te Kanawa, James Morrison, Crowded House, Bill Riekenbach, Rob Guest, Bobby Shew , and now CBO.



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