About Clazzmatic Boogie Orchestra

Welcome to the band page for Clazzmatic Boogie Orchestra. We are a 10 piece funk band from New Zealand, located in a beautiful town called Whanganui. We play a range of funk, funk and more funk.  Scroll down to find out about Clazzmatic Boogie Orchestra’s history and read the band biographies (present and past members).

About Clazzmatic Boogie Orchestra

Band Biography
Here is a bit of background about Clazzmatic Boogie Orchestra.

CBO was born in Whanganui 2012. – CBO’s first performance  was in December of 2012 at Majestic Square in Whanganui. CBO played a sharp, tight, five-song set which left the audience wanting more. Since then CBO have continued to grow both with band members and repertoire. They focused on adding classic horn-driven tracks, as well as covers done in own their style that incorporates horns into new arrangements of old funk songs and originals.

Meet the Clazzmatic Boogie Orchestra Band Members

Fred Loveridge – Guitar / VocalsFred Loveridge; the Blues Buffet, the Ruby Lounge

Fred has been playing live and recording for many years. His career started by playing bass in his Uncle’s dance band as an 11 year old. Then, after playing in quite a few Whanganui bands in early 70’s,, life lead him to Wellington in 1976 to join his older brother, and the late great Malcolm Hyman, the lead vocalist for Quincy Conserve, to play guitar for Captain Custard. The early 80’s bought him back to Whanganui to form a few bands, most notably, Dance Party (before their were any dance parties), Freddie and the Tearaways, and more recently, the Blues Buffet, Lounge Suite, Freddie Flash and the Firebirds, and now the Clazzmatic Boogie Orchestra.


Mana Ruahina – Guitar / VocalsMana Ruahina, About Clazzmatic Boogie Orchestra

Biography for Mana coming soon





Lizzie de Vegt – VocalsLizzie de Vegt, About Clazzmatic Boogie Orchestra

Elizabeth de Vegt is a composer, sound artist, singer-songwriter, performer and researcher currently living in New Zealand. She has a Masters in Music (First Class Honours) from Waikato University and along with winning multiple awards and prizes for her creative work, she was ‘Creative and Performing Arts Person of the Year’ in 2009 at the University of Waikato.

Her music covers a wide range of styles from contemporary classical music, electroacoustic, theatre music, to singer-songwriter songs. Her compositions have been performed in New Zealand, Australia, Europe and the United States of America. She is the Coordinator and head lecturer for the Contemporary Music Performance programme at Whanganui UCOL. She sings in Clazzmatic Boogie Orchestra and was founding member vocalist and bass player for former Whanganui’s only all female 5 piece pop band Luminosity.


Arahi Haggar – DrumsArahi Hagaar, About Clazzmatic Boogie Orchestra

Biography for Arahi coming soon



Maynard Mason – Bass


Photo and Biography for Maynard coming soon


Brent Holt – Keyboard / Vocals
Brent Holt, About Clazzmatic Boogie Orchestra

Brent Holt has worked with many different musical artists including Suzanne Prentice and Suzy Cato. He is a composer of children’s music, and has performed in Soul, Jazz, Top 40 covers, R&B bands in the Auckland night Club and corporate circuit since 1987.

Brent has had the pleasure of working with traditional Andean music groups from Bolivia. He has also performed in Japan, and Malaysia with Phil Madsen, as well as, The City of Kuala Lumpur Orchestra.

He holds a Bachelor of Music in Composition, a diploma in Audio Engineering and GradDip in Teaching.



John Steedman – Baritone / Alto Saxophone / VocalsJohn Steedman, About Clazzmatic Boogie Orchestra

John’s main function in this band is Baritone Sax and Alto Sax and he also helps out with vocals where needed. John has been involved in the music scene in Whanganui for over 30 years playing Guitar, Bass and Tenor Sax.

He joined Whanganui Jazz Big band in 2011 playing Tenor Sax but then graduated onto Baritone Sax which led to his involvement with Clazzmatic Boogie Orchestra. John has a wide range of music tastes from rock, pop, reggae, soul and funk and in particular horn driven soul/funk. His main influences are Tower of Power, Jack Mack, Cold Blood to name a few.


Hadleigh Shaw – Tenor Saxophone / VocalsHadleigh Shaw, About Clazzmatic Boogie Orchestra

Hadleigh is primarily a self-taught as musician. He was introduced to Rock and Pop and inspired to become a musician by his older sister Neralee, who was an 80’s Rock Chick, Keyboardist. He took up the saxophone at the age of 10 and continued to play while attending Whanganui Boys College. As a teenager in the 90’s he took up guitar and was influenced by Nirvana and Sound Garden and Lenny Kravitz as well as classic rock legends such as Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, and The Doors.

Hadleigh has become more interested in the local community music scene over the last several years. He frequently throws all sorts of bands together, writes out parts for different instrumentation, and performs at the Whanganui Musicians Club and other venues in Whanganui. He finds it rewarding working with musicians of varying skill and expertise.  He has also introduced his own children to the joy’s and frustrations of being a musician.

Since the days of his first garage band, back when he was a teenager, he has written songs and composed music. He has developed his own methods and style over the years. Whatever Hadleigh is lacking in  formal training, he makes up for with a good ear, imagination, passion and stubborn perseverance.


Other Members:Ash and Tahu

Tahu Pikimaui – Trumpet

Ash Walker – Trumpet

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